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DEE SNIDER - Releases Official Lyric Video For “Tomorrow’s No Concern”!

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DeeSniderHard rock legend DEE SNIDER just released the official music video for the new track “Tomorrow’s No Concern” of his upcoming album For The Love Of Metal.


DEE SNIDER on his new single: "Tomorrow's No Concern" is the perfect first single off of my new album "For the Love of Metal". Lyrically it's about me living for today, not in the past. So many people waste their lives away remembering the "glory days". While I am proud of all that I've done, I'm more interested and excited about what is happening now. In the song I urge the listener to do the same; live in the moment and don't let the past - good, bad or indifferent - or what might or might not happen in the future ever slow you down!"



For more info, check: http://smarturl.it/TomorrowsNoConcern



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The buzz surrounding legendary metal band Judas Priest’s forthcoming album, ‘Firepower,’ is undeniably growing louder - on the strength of the video clip for the track “Lightning Strike,” as well as many of the attractive/limited edition purchasing options made available for fans via PledgeMusic already being sold out. And it will soon reach a fever pitch with the unveiling of another new killer track, plus another limited edition of the forthcoming album being made available for purchase.

Sinsaenum's nieuwe video nu te zien bij Aardschok!

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Sinsaenum-full-cover-art-2000-pxVandaag verschijnt Splendor And Agony, de nieuwe video van SINSAENUM, project van Frédéric Leclercq (DRAGONFORCE) en Joey Jordison (VIMIC, ex-SLIPKNOT).

De track is afkomstig van het album Echoes Of The Tortured dat op 29 juli verschijnt, maar de video is nu al exclusief  te zien bij Aardschok!

Scoop at Aardschok.com: W.A.S.P.'s video clip for "Chainsaw Charlie" now online!

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Chainsaw CharlieIn December 2017, W.A.S.P.successfully completed their "ReIdolized" tour supporting the 25th anniversary of their iconic hit album "The Crimson Idol", the legendary story of Jonathan Aaron Steele, which will finally be released in a rerecorded version and of the album with the 4 missing songs - as originally intended - together with "The Crimson Idol" movie on DVD and BluRay!


Read more and view the video clip for "Chainsaw Charlie" Taken From „ReIdolized (The Soundtrack to the Crimson Idol)” here at Aardschok.com!


Eerste tracks Avatar vrijgegeven

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avatar-fnfIn mei, op vrijdag de 13e, verschijnt Feathers & Flesh, het eerste concept album van Avatar. Met Feathers & Flesh  gaat Avatar verder dan voorheen en vertelt een verhaal dat niet meer in een CD booklet past: daarvoor is een volledig geïllusteerd boek met een 109 verzen tellend gedicht gemaakt, 60 pagina's dik.

avatar-feathers and fleshDe eerste tracks zijn nu vrijgegeven: klik hier om de clips van Regret en House of the Eternal Hunt te zien!


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helloiseOp zaterdag 12 november presenteert HELLOISE de 6-CD ‘Anthology Box’ op de Mega Platen en CD Beurs in de Jaarbeurs te Utrecht middels een signeersessie tussen 14.00 en 15.00 uur. Voor het eerst zijn alle relevante wapenfeiten van deze Rotterdamse band samen gebracht in een fraai verpakte box met een stortvloed aan bonussongs, unieke foto’s en andere memorabele attributen.

Exclusieve première: "Suckerpuck" - Delain

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Vandaag is bij Aardschoik exclusief de première te zien van Delain's "Suckerpuch".

Charlotte Wessels: Dear Delainers, our latest album The Human Contradiction has taken us on a great ride, performing hundreds of stages around the globe for all of you. We barely managed to catch our breaths from our most recent tours, yet we've already got some new music that we simply can't wait to share. In preparation of our next full length studio album, we'd like to present to you 'Lunar Prelude', a collection of several brand new tracks, a new version of a familiar one, and live versions of some our favorite The Human Contradiction tracks.
Today, we release the first track off "Lunar Prelude": an upbeat fight song about facing your demons and taking them on. Don't let them weigh you down! We hope you will enjoy 'Suckerpuch'!