Verwacht vanaf April 2010

Hieronder vind je Aardschok’s lijst van Verwachte CD’s vanaf April 2010

Sommige van deze albums zijn al te bestellen; kijk daarvoor bij CompactMail.




A Tortured SoulLucifer’s Fate
Acid TigerAcid Tiger
AnoxiaA Lapdance For The Devil
Azahel’s FortressThe Chaos Kingdom
Beneath MeWish I Wouldn’t Care
Black FuneralVukolak
Bleeding ThroughBleeding Through
Bleeding FistMacabrum Bestia Ex Abyssus
Cave InAnomalies Vol. 1 and 2
Cephalic CarnageHalls of Amenti
Channel ZeroLive At The Ancienne Belgique
ConduitFear For Those Who Missed It
Criminal ElementCrime And Punishment
CultedOf Death And Ritual
Dead Beyond BuriedInheritors Of Hell
Deep PurpleSingles & EP Anthology
DreyelandsRooms Of Revelation
Floor Is Made Of LavaHowl At The Moon
The GlitteratiAre You One Of Us?
GronholmEyewitness Of Life
Hell MilitiaLast Station On The Road To Death
HoleNobody’s Daughter
Order Of EnneadAn Examination Of Being
Porcupine TreeAnesthetize (DVD)
Royal JesterNight Is Young
Satan’s HostAssault Of Evil\u2026666
SaxonHeavy Metal Thunder (DVD)
SevendustCold Day Memory
Son Of AureliusThe Farthest Reaches
StormzoneDeath Dealer
65 Days Of StaticWe Were Exploding Anyway
StrikerEyes In The Night
ThursMyths And Battles From The Paths Beyond
Steve VaiWhere The Other Wild Ones Are
Wuthering HeightsSalt


AeonPath Of Fire
AnathemaWe’re Here Because We’re Here
Black TuskTaste The Sin
As I Lay DyingThe Powerless Rise
Bleed From WithinEmpire
CampusWe Are The Silence
CorruptionBourbon River Bank
DarkseedSeeds Of Sorrow
Diabulus In MusicaSecrets
DisintegrateParasites Of A Shifting Future
Enemy Of The SunCaedium
FarAt Night We Live
Fatal SmileWorld Domination
GodsmackThe Oracle
Grand IllusionBrave New World
Hawthorne HeightsSkeletons
Heaven Shall BurnInvictus
The Hold SteadyHeaven Is Whenever
HouwitserBestial Atrocity
I Am AbominationTo Our Forefathers
InvisiusThe Spawn Of Condemnation
JackylWhen Moonshine And Dynamite Collide
John 5The Art Of Malice
Keep Of KalessinReptilian
KloneBlack Days
KottakRock & Roll Forever
Leng Tch’eHypomanic
Lightning Swords Of DeathThe
LovecraveSoul Saliva
MasterplanTime To Be King
Misery IndexHeirs To Thievery
NevermoreThe Obsidian Conspiracy
John NorumPlay Yard…
Mike PattonMondocane
Pain Of SalvationIvory
PearlLittle Immaculate White Fox
Brian PosehnFart & Wiener Jokes
Pro-PainAbsolute Power
Pretty MaidsPandemonium
SabatonCoat Of Arms
Section ASacrifice
SvartahridEx Inferi
Mark SweeneyAll In
ThorniumFides Luciferius
Trigger The BloodshedDegenerate
TriumphGreatest Hits Remixed
John WaiteIn Real Time
We Are The FallenTear The World Down


AmorphisForging The Land Of Thousand Lakes (DVD)
BoilA New Decay
CeremonyRohnert Park
Day SixThe Grand Design
Crack O DawnGods Of Insane
Bonded By BloodExile To Earth
Dir En GreyUroboros (DVD)
EcitonA Scent Of Veracity
Empires Of EdenReborn in Fire
Fatal EmbraceThe Empires Of Humanity
Gun BarrelGunniversary (DVD)
The Gaslight AnthemAmerican Slang
Grand MagusHammer Of The North
Hail The VillainPopulation: Declining
Kingdom Of SorrowBehind The Blackest Tears
KornIII: Remember Who You Are
Limp BizkitGold Cobra
MastercastleLast Desire
MelvinsThe Bride Screamed Murder
Methods Of MayhemA Public Disservice Announcement
RipeA Moment Of Forever
Royal HuntX
SoilworkThe Panic Broadcast
Tears Of SorrowBehind The Blackest Tears
WatainLawless Darkness
WhitechapelA New Era Of Corruption


AbgottGodfather In Black
AcceptBlood Of Nations
Against Me!White Crosses
AlexisonfireDog’s Blood
Angel DustVII
AnthraxWorship Music
AnvilA Juggernaut Of Justice
Apocalyptica7th Symphony
ApostasyNuclear Messiah
Archaic AvernoOne Of A Monster
AvigalGates Of Hell
A Waste Of TalentThe Last Remains Of Humankind
Beyond The LabyrinthChapter III-Stories
Black AnvilTriumvirate
Black WidowSleeping With Demons
Blind SightMarch Of The Clowns
BloodshoteyeExpect The Unexpected
Cattle DecapitationMedium Rarities
CelladorFor All Or Nothing
Mike ChlasciakThe Metalworker
Daäth ShadowCrown For Kings
DanzigDeth Red Sabaoth
DarkseedPoison Awaits (juli)
Dawn Of AshesGenocide Chapters
DeathridersBack With A Vengeance
Decrepit Birth Polaris
Defeated SanityChapters Of Repugnance
The Devin Townsend ProjectDeconstruction
The Devin Townsend ProjectGhost
Eibon la FuriesThe Blood of the Realm
The End Of All ReasonArtifacts
FirebirdDouble Diamond
Flotsam And JetsamThe Cold
FleshworksThe Deadventure
The Gypsy PistolerosDuende
HankerConspiracy Of Mass Extinction
Head AutomaticaSwan Damage
HeartsoundsUntil We Surrender
HelixVagabond Bones
HighlordThe Death Of Artists
Jason HookAmerican Justice
Horned AlmightyNecro Spirituals
In BattleFlames & Death
Insidious DiseaseShadowcast
Iron MaidenThe Final Frontier
KaledonLegend Of The Forgotten Reign, Chapter VI (juli)
Magnus KarlssonMonsters Of Mora
King DiamondAt The Graves (DVD)
Liv KristineSkintight
KrugerRedemption Through Looseness
KryoburnThree Years Eclipsed
LaethoraThe Light In Which We All Burn
The Last FelonyToo Many Humans
Liberty ‘N JusticeLight It Up
Life Of Agony20 Years Strong (DVD)
LoudnessKing Of Pain
Liv KristineSkintight
MachinaTo Live And Die In The Garden Of Eden
Malevolent CreationInvidious Dominium
The Man-Eating TreeVine (september)
ManowarHammer Of The Gods
Mekong DeltaWanderer On The Edge Of Time
Morfine MachineA Saucerfull Of Secrets
Motion City SoundtrackMy Dinosaur Life
MurderdollsWomen And Children Last
My RuinGhosts And Good Stories
NelsonLightning Strikes Twice
Nocturnal FearExcessive Cruelty
NoxBlood, Bones And Ritual Death
Of The ArchaengelThe Extraphysicallia
PanzerchristRegiment Ragnarok
Pitch BlackHate Division
Place Of SkullsAs A Dog Returns
Robert PlantIt’s Rude To Say No
The ProphecyTo The Pit (juli)
The RodsLive And Loaded
The Roman HolidayThe Demonization
RottenQuality Killings
SabatonCoat Of Arms
The SarcophagusTowards The Eternal Chaos
Sententia The Center In The Sand
sHeavyThe Golden Age Of Daredevils
Sight Of EmptinessAbsolution Of Humanity
SatarielWhite Ink
Sentinel BeastRisen
Slowmotion ApocalypseMothra
Sonic SyndicateWe Rule The Night (juli)
SoreptionDeterioration of Minds
System DivideThe Conscious Sedation
TarjaWhat Lies Beneath
Team CybergeistHow To Destroy Something Beautiful
TherionSitra Ahra
Thy Flesh ConsumedUnrepentant
Timo TolkkiReturn To Dreamscape
Tomorrow’s Outlook34613
Tyrants BloodCrushing Onward Into Oblivion
Unearthly TranceV
VolbeatBeyond Hell/Above Heaven (september)