In de november-uitgave van Aardschok in 2012 voorspelde GLENN HUGHES het al: als de andere bandleden (lees: JOE BONAMASSA) geen tijd zou vrijmaken om te toeren met BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION zou hij de band opheffen. Welnu, op zaterdag 23 maart werd het nieuws wereldkundig gemaakt dat zanger/bassist GLENN HUGHES (DEEP PURPLE, TRAPEZE), drummer JASON BONHAM (LED ZEPPELIN, FOREIGNER), toetsenist DEREK SHERINIAN (DREAM THEATER, ALICE COOPER, BILLY IDOL) en gitarist JOE BONAMASSA officieel uit elkaar zijn gegegaan, nadat laatstgenoemde uit de band is gestapt.

Glenn Hughes meldde op zijn FaceBook: „Joe left and will not allow us to keep the name… Nice, huh? Jason, Derek and I will continue with a different name when the time is right.”

Joe Bonamassa vertelde eerder deze maand in een interview: “The first two records were a blast — the band is fantastic when the Ritalin kicks in, the ADD goes away, and everyone’s focused. It’s a devastatingly good rock band of the early-1970s type, and Glenn is a fantastic singer — just one of the best ever. So I did it and did a nine-week tour in 2011 that really, by the end of it, wasn’t fun for me. It wasn’t because I didn’t like the cats in the band, but it was just too much — too much involved in getting people from place to place and getting the band onstage. Everybody seemed to be very tense, and it made my crew very tense, and it’s not the way I like to tour. I run a family — I have 21 people who go on the road with me all the time, and if you asked them who was the cause of the least of their problems, they would say me. Unless there was no Diet Coke — then it’s a huge [expletive] problem, and either I’m going to the supermarket or somebody else is.
But it just wasn’t fun for me anymore. All the stuff that Glenn says in the media, essentially pinning it on me — that I was the reason for the band’s lack of touring and the band’s lack of future. It became rapidly not fun at all. It would be dishonest of me to get onstage and pretend like I’m having fun to please the band. I’m just not the guitar player for that band, but, unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any out-of-work guitar players in L.A. that they can get. There are so many guys that can fill that role and I would be the first guy to queue up and buy a ticket. So that’s my story with it. I’m happily not involved anymore, but I’m happy with the legacy that I left with that band and happy with the records we made. It was a great three years for me.”