Athera’s operatie ondanks complicaties, succesvol

De open-hartoperatie die Susperia zanger Athera (Pal Mathiesen) op 16 maart j.l onderging is, ondanks complicaties, goed verlopen. Mathiesen zou een drie dubbele by-pass operatie ondergaan, maar chirurgen ontdekten problemen. Resultaat is dat een hoofdader die verbonden was met Mathiesen's longen nu direct aan zijn hart gekoppeld is. De zanger moet voorlopig in het ziekenhuis blijven, doktoren voorspellen dat hij ongeveer 3 tot 5 maanden nodig zal hebben om volledig te herstellen.

Vanuit zijn ziekenhuisbed brengt Mathiesen het volgende bericht naar buiten: "Wow – Well what happened there!!  It looks like this time my name wasn't on the guest list at the pearly gates or the other place down below. I got through the surgery and I'm now back in the regional hospital after five days at the specialist heart clinic. Here in my hospital bed I'm contemplating the enormity of what happened – the what if's and the what might have been. I'm in agony but the strong medication helps. It was a heavy operation having my body parts re-arranged – If a musician ever needed a "TUNE UP" I hope this was it. There are some tough times ahead but I will get there in the end.

I'm truly amazed at peoples humanity at times like this, with all the good will messages I've been getting from friends and strangers. Once again the metal community comes through with flying colours, putting their prejudices aside to come together as one. Respect to those who took the time to send messages of support. It's heart-warming to get messages from metal heads who don't have the time of day for my band yet still find the time to send a message.You all helped me get through this, and strengthened my metal heart! . I will be out of the game for a while till my chest bones completely heal and I can sing fully again. I wish my boys a good trip round the UK in May on the tour, and am confident they will bring along a singer that will make the show worth while for you. I wish I could be there. "