Verwacht vanaf juni 2010

Hieronder vind je Aardschok’s lijst van Verwachte CD’s vanaf Juni 2010

Sommige van deze albums zijn al te bestellen; kijk daarvoor bij CompactMail.


BoilA New Decay
CeremonyRohnert Park
CharonA-Sides, B-Sides & Suicides
Day SixThe Grand Design
Dir En GreyUroboros (DVD)
Cédric DupontMelodrama
EcitonA Scent Of Veracity
Empires Of EdenReborn in Fire
Frontline AssemblyI.E.D.
Flesh Made SinThe Aftermath Of Amen
FireflyRuined World
Flotsam And JetsamOnce In A Deathtime (DVD)
Gallows EndNemesis Divine
Gun BarrelGunniversary (DVD)
Hail The VillainPopulation: Declining
HacavitzMetzli Obscura
(HED)PEMajor Pain 2 Indee Freedom (Best-Of)
HiraxNoise Chaos War
I Shalt BecomePoison
JackylWhen Moonshine And Dynamite Collide
JurojinThe Living Measure Of Time
John 5The Art Of Malice
Limp BizkitGold Cobra
LifelessBeyond The Threshold Of Death
LoudnessKing Of Pain
MastercastleLast Desire
Mekong DeltaWanderer On The Edge Of Time
MosfetSickness Of Memory
New World ManA Tribute To Rush
PathologyLegacy Of The Ancients
PosthumanRise From Ruin
Primal FearLive In The USA
Primal Fear – 16.6All Over The World (DVD)
Prosanctus InferiPandemonic
Ululations Of Vesperic Palpitation
RamessesTake The Curse
RipeA Moment Of Forever
SalivaMoving Forward In Reverse
German SchaussThe Light Speeder
Sister SinTrue Sound Of The Underground
SodomLords Of Depravity II (2DVD)
ThorniumFides Luciferius


Against Me!White Crosses
Avenged SevenfoldNightmare
Blind GuardianAt The Edge Of Time
Burning The MassesOffspring Of Time
ChimairaComing Alive (CD/DVD)
ContriveThe Internal Dialogue
DarkaneLayers Of Live (DVD)
DarkseedPoison Awaits
Decrepit BirthPolarity
DisintegrateParasites Of A…
Early ManDeath Potion
HouwitserBeastial Atrocity
KaledonLegend Of The Forgotten Reign, Chapter VI
Impending DoomThere Will Be Violence
KickhunterAll In
KreatorHordes Of Chaos
Limbonic ArtPhantasmagoria
RevisFire And Ice
The Thick Of ItFirst Day Of Death
Wednesday 13From Here To The Grave


Apocalyptica7th Symphony
The Acacia StrainWormwood
Black Label SocietyOrder Of The Black
Bonded By BloodExiled To Earth
Terry BrockDiamond Blue
BuckcherryAll Night Long
Die KruppsBeyond
ExciterDeath Machine
HelmetSeeing Eye Dog
Hero DestroyedThroes
Ion DissonanceCursed
HorsebackThe Invisible Mountain
Iron MaidenThe Final Frontier
My City BurningLone Wolves
My Favorite ScarMy Favorite Scar
KataklysmHeaven’s Venom
Malevolent CreationInvidious Dominion
My RuinGhosts And Good Stories
King Of AsgardFi’mbulvintr
Night HorsePerdition Hymns
Obszön GeschöpfSymphony Of Decay
OtargosNo God, No Satan
Papa RoachTime For Annihilation (live)
Return To EarthAutomata
Sonic SyndicateWe Rule The Night
The ShowdownBlood In The Gears
The SwordWarp Riders
TarjaWhat Lies Beneath
Stan BushDream The Dream
VindicatorThe Antique Witcheries


AcceptBlood Of The Nations
Cephalic CarnageMislead By Certainty
Hero DestroyedThroes
The Man-Eating TreeVine
Master Of WahaMaster Of Waha
Stone SourAudio Secrecy
TerrorKeepers Of The Faith
These Are TheyDisposing Of Betrayers
Valient ThorrDoublecrossed
VolbeatBeyond Hell/Above Heaven


AlexisonfireDog’s Blood
Alter BridgeAB III
The AmentaVO1D
Angel DustVII
AnthraxWorship Music
AnthrielThe Pathway (oktober)
AnvilA Juggernaut Of Justice
ApostasyNuclear Messiah
Archaic AvernoOne Of A Monster
AvigalGates Of Hell
BalforBarbaric Blood
Beyond The Labyrinth – Chapter IIIStories
Black AnvilTriumvirate
Black WidowSleeping With Demons
Blind SightMarch Of The Clowns
CelladorFor All Or Nothing
Cattle DecapitationMedium Rarities
Mike ChlasciakThe Metalworker
ConduitFear For Those Who Missed It
Cradle Of FilthAll Hallows Eve (oktober)
CrematoryBlack Pearls (best of)
Criminal ElementCrime And Punishment
Dawn Of AshesGenocide Chapters
DeathridersBack With A Vengeance
Devin Townsend ProjectDeconstruction
The Devin Townsend ProjectGhost
The End Of All ReasonArtifacts
End Of GreenHigh Hopes In Low Places
Eibon La FuriesThe Blood Of The Realm
Eternal ReignThe Dawn Of Reckoning
EvocationApocalyps (oktober)
FirebirdDouble Diamond
FirewindDays Of Defiance
Flotsam And JetsamThe Cold
FleshworksThe Deadventure
ForbiddenOmega Wave
The Gypsy PistolerosDuende
HankerConspiracy Of Mass Extinction
HaradwaithCreating Hell
Head AutomaticaSwan Damage
HelheimHeidindómr ok mótgang (februari)
Holy RageJust Don’t Run
Jason HookAmerican Justice
Horned AlmightyNecro Spirituals
ImmortalThe Seventh Date Of Blashyrkh (DVD)
In BattleFlames & Death
IzegrimCode Of Consequences (november)
Magnus KarlssonMonsters Of Mora
King DiamondAt The Graves (DVD)
Liv KristineSkintight
KrugerRedemption Through Losseness
Lady AngellycaAngellyca
LordiBabez For Breakfast
ManowarHammer Of The Gods
Methods Of MayhemA Public Disservice Announcement
MachinaTo Live And Die In The Garden Of Eden
Mirror Of DeceptionA Smouldering Fire (okt.)
Morfine MachineA Saucerfull Of Secrets
MurderdollsWomen And Children Last
MushroomheadSlaughterhouse Road
NeaeraForging The Eclipse (oktober)
NightfallAstron Black & The Thirthy Tyrans
Nocturnal FearExcessive Cruelty
NoxBlood, Bones And Ritual Death
PanzerchristRegiment Ragnarok (december)
PestilenceDoctrine (februari)
Place Of SkullsAs A Dog Returns
PowerquestBlood Alliance
RaunchyA Dischord Electric (oktober)
RequiemWithin Darkened Disorder
Revolution RenaissanceTrinity
Robert PlantIt’s Rude To Say No
The RodsLive And Loaded
RushClockwork Angels
Satariel White Ink
Michael Shenker GroupThe 30th Anniversary Concert (okt.)
Secret SphereArchetype
Sentinel Beast Risen
Sight Of EmptinessAbsolution Of Humanity
SinisterLegacy Of Ashes (december)
System DivideThe Conscious Sedation
Team CybergeistHow To Destroy Something Beautiful
Timo TolkkiReturn To Dreamscape
Tomorrow’s Outlook34613
Tyrants BloodCrushing Onward Into Oblivion
Unearthly TranceV
VoltureShocking It’s Prey (EP)
Waking The CadaverBeyond Cops, Beyond God
A Waste Of TalentThe Last Remains Of Humankind
WeedeaterJason… The Dragon (december)
World Under BloodTactical
Zodiac Mindwarp & The Love ReactionWe Are Volsung