Verwacht vanaf Maart 2012

Hieronder vind je Aardschok’s lijst van Verwachte CD’s vanaf Maart 2012



Acid For BloodOut For Blood (juni)
AffectorHarmagedon (21 mei)
AfterbloodOf Unsound Minds (april)
After AllDawn Of The Enforcer (april)
AllegaeonFormshifter (4 mei)
All Trays For VenomBurned By The Blackened Sun (16 april)
Alter BridgeLive At Wembley (DVD/CD, 30 maart)
AnathemaWeather Systems (24 april)
Angelus ApatridaThe Call (30 april)
Angel WitchAs Above, So Below (12 maart)
ArchitectsDaybreaker (28 mei)
AstraThe Black Chord (16 april)
Bangalore ChoirMetaphor (27 april)
Becoming The ArchetypeCelestial Progression (EP)
Before The DawnRise Of The Phoenix (27 april)
BelieveSeeing Is Believing (DVD, 30 april)
BereftLeichenhaus (24 april)
Black RoseThe Early Years And More
Blaze BayleyThe King Of Metal
Black Light BurnsThe Moment You Realize You’re Going To Fall
Burn Thy EnemyScapegoat
BurzumUmskiptar (mei)
Cancer BatsDead Set On Living (16 april)
Carach AngrenWhere The Corpses Sink Forever (18 mei)
CasablancaApocalyptic Youth (16 maart)
CatameniaThe Rewritten Chapters (27 april)
Chaos TheoryBio-Death (29 juni)
Circle II CircleSeasons Will Fall (juni)
Cold RushDisclosing The Vicious Seeds (27 maart)
ConvergeAll We Love We Leave Behind
Cradle Of FilthMidnight In The Labyrinth (april)
Crazy LixxRiot Avenue (20 april)
Crimson CultTales Of Doom (23 maart)
CripperThe Antagonist (april)
Crystal ViperCrimen Excepta (27 april)
The CultChoice Of Weapon (21 mei)
DarkifiedChthulhu Riseth
Dark ReflectionsWhen Lambs Become Lions (juni)
Dark TranquillityZero Distance (EP, 5 maart)
Dawn of DiseaseCrypts Of The Unrotten (27 april)
Deals DeathElite (maart)
DelainWe Are The Others (april)
Demon HunterTrue Defiance (10 april)
DerideThe Void (27 april)
DisaffectedRebirth (25 mei)
DisturbedThe Collection (21 april)
DokkenBroken Bones (mei)
DragonForceThe Power Within (15 april)
EclipseBleed And Scream
EmmureSlave To The Game (10 april)
EngelBlood Of Saints (18 mei)
EnthronedObsidium (20 maart)
EuropeBag Of Bones (27 april)
Everytime I DieEx Lives (6 maart)
EwigheimBereue Nichts (25 mei)
Fatal Smile21th Century Freaks (april)
Fear FactoryThe Industrialist (5 juni)
FirewindFew Against Many (21 mei)
5 Star GraveDrugstore Hell (25 mei)
FMLive In Europe (DVD, 26 maart)
The ForsakenBeyond Redemption (29 juni)
For The ImperiumFor The Imperium (9 april)
Lita FordLiving Like A Runaway (mei)
Fueled By FirePlunging Into Darkness (27 april)
Gaslight AnthemHandwritten (juni)
God ForbidEquilibrium (26 maart)
GodHateCodeWeltenschmerz (14 april)
Gorey BlisterEarth-Sick (16 april)
Hard RiotLiving On A Fast Lane (10 april)
HavokThe Point Of No Return (EP 21 mei)
HawkwindOnward (30 april)
H.E.A.TAddress The Nation (23 maart)
Hellish OutcastYour God Will Bleed (2 april)
HellYeahBand Of Brothers (juni)
High On FireDe Vermis Mysteriis (23 april)
Hooded MenaceEffigies Of Evil
HorsebackHalf Blood
Hot Water MusicExister (14 mei)
HungHung (8 mei)
HuntressSpell Eater (27 april)
HydrogynPrivate Sessions (27 april)
HystericaThe Art Of Metal (9 maart)
The Iniquity DescentThe Human Apheresis (25 mei)
In MourningThe Weight Of Oceans (16 april)
InverlochDusk Subside (10 april)
Job For A CowboyDemonocracy (9 april)
John 5God Told Me To (8 mei)
KaledonMightiest Hits
KataklysmThe Iron Will: 20 Years Determined (DVD, 8 mei)
KickhunterUnplugged With Friends (april)
King Of Asgard…To North
King LizardA Nightmare Livin’ The Dream
KommandantThe Draconian Archetype
KontrustSecond Hand Wonderland (27 april)
KorpiklaaniKunnia (augustus)
KreatorPhantom Antichrist (1 juni)
LakeiKonspirasjoner (20 april)
Jeff LoomisPlains Of Oblivion (9 april)
Lords MantisPervertor (12 maart)
Lost ProphetsWeapons (2 april)
Love & DeathChemicals (20 april)
Arjen Anthony LucassenLost In The New Real (23 april)
LuleyToday’s Tomorrow (27 april)
LullacryWhere Angels Fear (16 april)
Marilyn MansonBorn Villain (juni)
MardukSerpent Sermon
The Mars VoltaNoctourniquet (26 maart)
Massive AssaultDeath Strike (4 april)
MasterThe New Elite
The Mercy HouseA Broken State Of Bliss (23 april)
MoonspellAlpha Noir (27 april)
MxPxPlans Within Plans
NeverdreamThe Circle
Nocturnal FearSadistic Inquisition
OddlandThe Treachery Of Senses
Orden OganTo The End (20 april)
OutloudMore Catastrophe (EP, 30 maart)
OutshineAddiction (2 mei)
Paradise LostTragic Idol (23 april)
PelicanAtaraxia/Taraxis (EP, april)
Philm (Met Dave Lombardo)Harmonic (mei)
Pigeon ToeThe First Perception (30 april)
Primer 55Primer 55 (13 maart)
Primitive WeaponsThe Shadow Gallery (13 maart)
ProngCarved Into Stone (23 april)
The Prophecy23Green Machine Laser Beam (29 juni)
RezetCivic Nightmares (30 maart)
Royal ThunderCVI 1 juni)
Running WildShadowmaker (23 april)
RushClockwork Angels (23 mei)
SabatonCarolus Rex (25 mei)
Sadistik ForestDeath, Doom, Radiation (21 maart)
Saint VitusLillie F-65 (27 april)
Jacob Samuel (The Poodles)Pastpresent
SatarielWhite Ink
SaxonHeavy Metal Thunder (live-DVD, 21 april)
Secrets Of The MoonSeven Bells (16 maart)
SerpentiaDay In The Year Of Candles
77High Decibels
Sins7SinsCarnival Of No Tomorrow
69 ChambersTorque (27 april)
SlashApocalyptic Love (22 mei)
Sleepy HollowSkull 13 (23 maart)
SoilRe-LIVE-Ing The Scars (DVD, april)
Sonata ArcticaStones Grow Her Name (18 mei)
SpineshankAnger Denial Acceptance (18 juni)
StigmhateThe Sun Collapse (26 maart)
Storm CorrosionStorm Corrosion (23 april)
TankWar Nation (mei)
TaprootThe Episodes (10 april)
TerrortorySeed Left Behind (9 december)
TestamentThe Dark Roots Of Earth (juni)
The Monolith DeathcultTetragrammaton
ThresholdMarch Of Progress
ThunderkraftTotentanz (12 maart)
TorcheHarmonicraft (23 april)
Devin TownsendBy A Thread (4DVD)
Devin TownsendEpicloud (zomer)
Mark TremontiAll I Was
TrixterNew Audio Machine (20 april)
Luca Turilli’s RhapsodyAscending To Infinity (juni)
TykettoDig In Deep (20 april)
U.D.O.Celebrator (20 april)
UfomammutOro: Opus Primum (9 april)
UfomammutOro: Opus Alter (september)
UnleashedOdalheim (20 april)
UnsaneWreck (20 maart)
The UsedVulnerable (27 maart)
ValkiriaHere The Day Comes (16 april)
Viking SkullCursed By The Sword (20 mei)
Visions Of AtlantisEthera
VorkreistSigil Whore Christ (24 april)
Watch Me BleedKingdom (mei)
Wig WamWall Street (mei)
Winters VergeBeyond Vengeance (27 april)
WodensthroneCurse (23 april)
WretchedSon Of Perdition (26 maart)
The Wretched EndInroads (23 april)