Verwacht vanaf September 2010

Hieronder vind je Aardschok’s lijst van Verwachte CD’s vanaf September 2010

Sommige van deze albums zijn al te bestellen; kijk daarvoor bij CompactMail.




Alice Cooper – Theatre Of DeathLive At Hammersmith (DVD)
August Burns RedHome (DVD)
AutopsyThe Tomb Within (EP)
Bad ReligionThe Dissent Of Man
Circle II CircleConsequence Of Power
DGMSynthesis (DVD)
Dimmu BorgirAbrahadabra
The DonotsThe Long Way Home
Driving Dead GirlWe Don’t Give A Damn About Bad Reputation
Sully ErnaAvalon
ExciterDeath Machine
Father BefouledMorbid Destitution…
Flotsam And JetsamThe Cold
Gnaw Their TonguesL’Arrivée De La Terne Mort Triomphante
Linkin ParkA Thousand Suns
LordiBabez For Breakfast
ManifestWritten In Blood
Master Of WahaMaster Of Waha
MessiahReanimation 2003: Live At Abart
Michael MonroeAnother Night In The Sun
PhenomenaBlind Faith
Place Of SkullsAs A Dog Returns
Speedtrap/Death With A DaggerSplit EP
These Are TheyDisposing Of Betrayers
TorcheSongs For Singles
UFOThe Best Of A Decade
VainHot Stage Light
Voices Of ExtremeBreak The Silence
YesKeys Of Ascension (4CD)


All EndsA Road To Depression
All That RemainsFor We Are Many
Anneke Van GiersbergenLive In Europe
AnthrielThe Pathway
ArstidirJötunheima Dolgferd
AsiaSpirit of the Night / Live in Cambridge ‘09
Black AnvilTriumvirate
BurdenA Hole In The Sun
The BurningHail The Horde
The ContortionistExoplanet
Cradle Of FilthDarkly Darkly Venus Aversa
Crystal ViperLegends
Dragged Into SunlightHatred For Mankind
Emergency GateThe Nemesis Construct
Empty TremorIridium
Everytime I DieShit Happens (DVD)
FirewindDays Of Defiance
Forever NeverI Can’t Believe It’s Not Metal (EP)
ForbiddenOmega Wave
GravewurmBlood Of The Pentagram
Helloween7 Sinners
(HED) P.E.Truth Rising
Horned AlmightyNecro Spirituals
KatraOut Of The Ashes
King’s XLive Love In London (DVD)
KylesaSpiral Shadow
Steve LukatherAll’s Well That Ends Well
Manic MovementHot Hot Hot
MelecheshThe Epigenesis
Ivan MihaljevicDestination Unknown
Monster MagnetMastermind
Mirror Of DeceptionA Smouldering Fire
Michael Schenker GroupThe 30th Anniversary Concert (DVD)
MotörheadAces Up My Sleeve (verzamel)
My Dying BrideEvinta
NeaeraForging The Eclipse
NegligenceCoordinates Of Confusion
October TideA Thin Shell
PharaoRoad To Nowhere
PowerwolfHuman Parasite
Pure Reason RevolutionHammer & Anvil
Quantum FantayBridges of Kukeriku
RaunchyA Dischord Electric
Rhapsody Of FireThe Cold Embrace Of Fear
The SorrowThe Sorrow
SoulspellLabyrinth Of Truths
Joe SatrianiBlack Swans…
StryperThe Covering
StrangewaysPerfect World
Star OneVictims Of The Modern Age
TangentsOne Little Light Year
TankWar Machine
UnsunClinic For Dolls
Unruly ChildWorlds Collide
Virgin SteeleThe Black Light Bacchanalia
The Wretched EndOminous


Russel Allen & Jorn LandeThe Showdown
Bon JoviThe Ultimate Collection
CrematoryBlack Pearls (best of)
IzegrimCode Of Consequences
SargeistLet the Devil In
Shining (ZWE)Shining VII
Social DistortionHard Times And Nursery Rhymes
SodomIn War And Pieces
SolefaldNorrøn Livskunst
StonegardLive At Rockefeller (DVD)
Times Of GraceHymn Of A Broken Man
War From A Harlots MouthMMX
While Heaven WeptTriumph:
TragedyTranscendence (DVD)


SinisterLegacy Of Ashes
WeedeaterJason… The Dragon


AlexisonfireDog’s Blood
The AmentaVO1D
Angel DustVII
AnthraxWorship Music
AnvilJuggernaut Of Justice
ApostasyNuclear Messiah
Archaic AvernoOne Of A Monster
Astral Doors – Testament Of RockBest Of
AvigalGates Of Hell
AyatCarry On Carrion
BalforBarbaric Blood
Beyond The Labyrinth – Chapter IIIStories
Black WidowSleeping With Demons
Blind SightMarch Of The Clowns
CauldronBurning Fortune
CelladorFor All Or Nothing
Cattle DecapitationMedium Rarities
ChirawScarecrows & Lullabies
Mike ChlasciakThe Metalworker
ConduitFear For Those Who Missed It
Criminal ElementCrime And Punishment
DeathridersBack With A Vengeance
DesultoryCounting Our Scars
Devin Townsend ProjectDeconstruction
Devin Townsend ProjectGhost
The End Of All ReasonArtifacts
End Of GreenHigh Hopes In Low Places
Eibon La FuriesThe Blood Of The Realm
Eternal ReignThe Dawn Of Reckoning
FirebirdDouble Diamond
FleshworksThe Deadventure
Funeral For A FriendThe Young And Defenceless
Gewapend BetonBig Dumb Kids
The Gypsy PistolerosDuende
HankerConspiracy Of Mass Extinction
HaradwaithCreating Hell
HelheimHeidindómr Ok Mótgang (februari)
Head AutomaticaSwan Damage
Holy RageJust Don’t Run
Holy GrailCrisis In Utopia
HouwitserBestial Atrocity
Ill NiñoDead New World
In BattleFlames & Death
Magnus KarlssonMonsters Of Mora
King DiamondAt The Graves (DVD)
KrugerRedemption Through Loss
LeatherwolfLive At The Galaxy
Limp BizkitGold Cobra
Loch VostockDystopium
MagnumThe Visitation (januari)
ManowarHammer Of The Gods
MeltgsnowBlack Penance
MachinaTo Live And Die In The Garden Of Eden
Morbid CarnageNight Assassins
Morfine MachineA Saucerfull Of Secrets
MushroomheadSlaughterhouse Road
Nocturnal FearExcessive Cruelty
Ted NugentTrample The Weak, Hurdle The Dead
Obscene GestureForever Obscene
PestilenceDoctrine (februari)
The PoodlesIn The Flesh (DVD)
The Poodles – No QuarterLive
PowerquestBlood Alliance
RequiemWithin Darkened Disorder
Robert PlantIt’s Rude To Say No
The RodsLive And Loaded
RushClockwork Angels
Satariel White Ink
Sentinel Beast Risen
Sight Of EmptinessAbsolution Of Humanity
Team CybergeistHow To Destroy Something Beautiful
Timo TolkkiReturn To Dreamscape
TriptykonShatter (EP)
Tyrants BloodCrushing Onward Into Oblivion
U.D.O.Rev Raptor
Unearthly TranceV
VaderReturn To The Morbid Reich
VoltureShocking It’s Prey (EP)
Waking The CadaverBeyond Cops, Beyond God
A Waste Of TalentThe Last Remains Of Humankind
WolverineCommunication Lost
Work Of ArtIn Progress
World Under BloodTactical