Verwacht vanaf November 2010

Hieronder vind je Aardschok’s lijst van Verwachte CD’s vanaf November 2010.

Sommige van deze albums zijn al te bestellen; kijk daarvoor bij CompactMail.




A Day To RememberWhat Separates You From Me
Acid DrinkersFishdick Zwei
AgallochMarrow Of The Spirit
AkeleiDe Zwaarte Van Het Doorstane
AlexisonfireDog’s Blood (EP)
Band Of SpiceFeel Like Coming Home
BilocateSudden Death Syndrome
Broughton’s RulesBounty Hunter 1853
Burning The MassesOffspring Of Time
Calm HatcherySacrilege Of Humanity
CrematoryBlack Pearls (Best Of)
Dark MoorAncestral Romance
DioDio At Donington UK: Live 1983 & 1987 (2CD)
Dread The ForsakenUnbound
EngrainedDeep Rooted
Forever NeverI Can’t Believe It’s Not Metal EP
Heaven & HellNeon Knights: 30 Years-Live At Wacken CD/DVD
Gotthard – HeavenBest Of Ballads II
IcewindAgain Came The Storm
Kid RockBorn Free
LividityTo Desecrate And Defile
Yngwie MalmsteenRelentless
Marya RoxxPayback Time
The Meads Of AsphodelThe Murder Of Jesus The Jew
MetallicaSix Feet Down Under EP II
MetallicaLive At Grimey’s
My Chemical RomanceDanger Days: The Life Of The Fabulous Killjoys
Mother MiseryStanding Alone
Norma JeanBirds and Microscopes And Bottles Of Elixers (3CD)
Nucleus TornAndromeda Awaiting
PortraitCrimen Laesae Majestatis Divinae
PostmortemSeeds Of Devastation
Red XIIIBetter Save Than Sorry
SamaelA Decade In Hell (9CD/2DVD)
SargeistLet The Devil In
Shining (ZWE)Shining VII
SilverlaneAbove The Others
The Smashing PumpkinsTeargarden By Kaleidyscope Volume II: The Solstice Bare (EP)
StonegardLive At Rockefeller DVD
TraktorEarly Adopter
Tuck From HellThrashing
WeezerDeath To False Metal
Winnebago DealCareer Suicide
VainHot Stage Light
Valpurgis NightsPsalm Of Solemn irtue
Velvet RevolverLive In Houston (DVD)
Voices Of ExtremeBreak The Silence
YesKeys Of Ascension (4CD)


The Damned ThingsIroniclast
DeathLive In Japan (DVD)
DesultoryCounting Our Scars
EndstilleInfektion 1813
HinderThe All American Nightmare
Iced EarthFestivals Of The Wicked Izegrim-Code Of Consequences
Maiden UnitedMind The Acoustic Pieces
MotörheadThe Wörld Is Yours
Wheels Of Purgatory
Raven’s CreedRestless And Wild
Jeff Scott SotoLove At Firefest 2008 (2CD)
Searching For CalmCelestial Greetings
Seventh WonderThe Great Escape
SinisterLegacy Of Ashes
StormwarriorHeathen Warrior
TankardVol(l)ume 14
VegaKiss Of Life
WeedeaterJason… The Dragon


BelphegorBlood Magick Necromance
ChevelleAny Last Words (DVD)
DefiledIn Crisis
DestructionDay Of Reckoning
Forgotten TombUnder Saturn Retrograde
HelrunarSól I & II
Hour Of 13The Ritualist
Legion Of The DamnedDescend Into Chaos
MagnumThe Visitation
Prime SuspectPrime Suspect
SireniaThe Enigma Of Life
Social DistortionHard Times And Nursery Rhymes
StoneLakeShades Of Eternity
Team CybergeistHow To Destroy Something Beautiful
Theatres Des VampiresMoonlight Waltz
Times Of GraceHymn Of A Broken Man
Timo TolkkiReturn To Dreamscape
Tokyo Blade1000 Men Strong
The Very EndMercy & Misery


Abysmal DawnLeveling The Plane of Existence
AssassinBreaking The Silence
BetzeferFreedom To The Slave Makers
CauldronBurning Fortune
DestructionDay Reckoning
Jag PanzerScourge Of The Light
KorpiklaaniUkon Wacka
StryperThe Covering


Appearance Of NothingAll Gods Are Gone
The AmentaVO1D
Angel DustVII
AnthraxWorship Music
AnvilJuggernaut Of Justice
Alice CooperThe Night Shift
ApostasyNuclear Messiah
Archaic AvernoOne Of A Monster
Artillery6 (maart)
AutopsyMacabre Eternal
AvigalGates Of Hell
AyatCarry On Carrion
BalforBarbaric Blood
Beyond The LabyrinthChapter III-Stories
Black WidowSleeping With Demons
Blind SightMarch Of The Clowns
Cattle DecapitationMedium Rarities
Cave InWhite Silence
CelladorFor All Or Nothing
Chain ReactionCutthroat Melodies
Mike ChlasciakThe Metalworker
ChirawScarecrows & Lullabies
ConduitFear For Those Who Missed It
Criminal ElementCrime And Punishment
DeathridersBack With A Vengeance
Dio – For The RecordComplete Dio Vinyl Collection (16 platen)
DioThe Complete Bootleg Box
DioSuper Rock Japan (DVD)
The End Of All ReasonArtifacts
End Of GreenHigh Hopes In Low Places
Eibon La FuriesThe Blood Of The Realm
Eternal ReignThe Dawn Of Reckoning
ExecrationOdes Of The Occult
FirebirdDouble Diamond
FleshworksThe Deadventure
Funeral For A FriendThe Young And Defenceless
Gewapend BetonBig Dumb Kids
Ghost MachineryOut For Blood
Gloria MortiAnthems Of Annihilation
The Gypsy PistolerosDuende
HankerConspiracy Of Mass Extinction
Head AutomaticaSwan Damage
Heaven In Her ArmsParaselene
HelheimHeidindómr Ok Mótgang
Holy RageJust Don’t Run
Jason HookAmerican Justice
In BattleFlames & Death
ImpietyWorshippers Of The Seventh Tyranny
Magnus KarlssonMonsters Of Mora
King DiamondAt The Graves (DVD)
KrugerRedemption Through Loss
Lady AngellycaAngellyca
LeatherwolfLive At The Galaxy
Limp BizkitGold Cobra
Loch VostockDystopium
MachinaTo Live And Die In The Garden Of Eden
ManowarHammer Of The Gods
MeltgsnowBlack Penance
Morbid CarnageNight Assassins
Morfine MachineA Saucerfull Of Secrets
MortiisThe Great Deceiver
My Dying BrideEvinta
Nocturnal FearExcessive Cruelty
Noisear Pyroclastic Annihilation
Novembers DoomAphotic
Ted NugentTrample The Weak, Hurdle The Dead
Obscene GestureForever Obscene
OnslaughtSounds Of Violence
PentagramLast Rites
PoisonblackLead & Roll Vol. 5
PowerquestBlood Alliance
RavenwoodsEnfeebling The Throne
RequiemWithin Darkened Disorder
Robert PlantIt’s Rude To Say No
The RodsLive And Loaded
Rotten SoundCursed
RushClockwork Angels
Satariel White Ink
Secrets Of The MoonSeven Bells
Sentinel BeastRisen
SighIn Somniphobia
Sight Of EmptinessAbsolution Of Humanity
Devin Townsend ProjectDeconstruction (mei)
Devin Townsend ProjectGhost (mei)
Devin Townsend ProjectZ2
TriumphDiamond Collection (10CD)
Tyrants BloodCrushing Onward Into Oblivion
VaderReturn To The Morbid Reich (zomer 2011)
Vicious RumorsRazorback Killer (maart)
Waking The CadaverBeyond Cops, Beyond God
A Waste Of TalentThe Last Remains Of Humankind
Oliver WeersEvil’s Back
WolverineCommunication Lost
Work Of ArtIn Progress
World Under BloodTactical